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Image: Coral Ridge Country Club
We approach each renovation with the philosophy of preserving the past while recognizing the needs of the modern game.


The game of golf continues to change in every respect.   As a design firm, we are adapting.  Even in these uncertain times, our experience gives our firm the edge in giving the client the most “bang for his buck.”.

Clients have differing goals.  Some love the essence of their course, so it is not necessary to change everything but to fix only those elements of the course that need fixing.  Our experience gives the client the information to help him choose the best path to take.  There are cases where we only change what doesn’t function anymore.

We carefully assess the needs of the current facility and infrastructure.  We listen to the client and develop a vision for the long term.  Our changes are made always with an eye toward creating a playing field for the game so that all those who play it will enjoy their round.  We are often hired by clubs endeavoring to increase membership, and making the course more enticing to play is a successful undertaking to that end.

Sometimes work on a course is part renovation, part restoration – a matter of retaining the style of the original architect with the intention of making the course relevant for current and future generations of golfers.  At times it is redefining all the bunkers or upgrading the greens construction.  No job is too big or too small for our design team.


In its Spring 2012 issue, Golf, Inc. Magazine recognized Rees Jones, Inc. as the most active renovation design firm:

“Rees Jones is known as the Open Doctor and is the most sought after architect for renovations over $1 million. His recent work has breathed new life into Tulsa Country Club, Carmel Country Club in Charlotte, NC and Lambton Golf and Country Club in Toronto. All three renovations helped the clubs attract a combined 300 new members.”