Rees Jones, Inc.

Golf Course Design & Architecture

The Company
Image: Hazeltine National
Every design is customized to enhance what nature offers, always with sensitivity to environmental issues.

Design Philosophy

Each of our designs is customized to enhance what nature offers, always with environmental sensitivity.  At Rees Jones, Inc., we work to create courses that are fair, challenging, continually interesting to play, and visually exciting.  We get a feel for the land, we listen to the client, and we build a course that we believe has integrity and lasting value.  We strive to achieve the following elements in our designs:

  • Plays fairly and is enjoyable for all skill levels
  • Fits the land and maximizes all natural attributes
  • Provides a strategic, thought-provoking design featuring multiple shot options and varying degrees of risk/reward
  • Maximizes the diversity and variety of all features and holes
  • Visually defines each shot and hole layout
  • Has a maintenance-friendly design
  • Customizes the design to the client’s specific needs


The Country Club in Brookline
At the 1988 U.S. Open, the restoration of The Country Club in Brookline proved that a course did not have to have “bells and whistles” to be a champion.