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Golf Course Design & Architecture

Rees Jones, Inc.
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Image: Playa Grande Golf & Ocean Club
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About Rees Jones, Inc.
Rees Jones, Inc. offers a timeless approach to golf course design, decades of experience and a family heritage of excellence.
Image: RedStick Golf Club
Torrey Pines (South)
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Design Team
The talented golf course architects at Rees Jones, Inc. represent nearly 110 years of experience in golf course design, construction, and project management.
Image: Torry Pines (South)
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Every design is customized to enhance what nature offers, always with sensitivity to environmental issues.
Image: Kohanaiki
Taiheiyo Club (Gotemba Course)
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Design Practice
Golf is the greatest game in the world. Creating a setting for the playing of this game is a source of enormous pride and satisfaction for our design team.
Image: Taiheiyo Club (Gotemba Course)
Ocean Forest Golf Club
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The Environment
We offer a practical environmental approach to golf course design.
Image: Ocean Forest Golf Club